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Custom Built Distinctive Homes
in the Farmington Valley Area


“Greg built our home and we could not be happier with it! If the mantra in real estate is location, location, location, then in building it is quality, quality, quality. He treated our home as though he were building it for himself. Perhaps the characteristic we appreciated most in Greg was the pride he took in building our home. He always gave us a little extra.” CF & DK

“We hired the best in the business. My wife and I are perfectionists. We quickly learned that Greg was just as much a perfectionist as we are. We welcome anyone to come over and see the quality of his workmanship. He was always on time with everything he promised. Greg was swift to make any adjustment. Without a doubt we hired the best in the business!” E & CS

“Your prior knowledge of the house as the builder and your ability to ‘gather the troops’ for an extensive renovation in a relative short period of time meant a lot. It was very comforting to know that you had everything under control and that everything we wanted was done competently without our constant presence. You have a great knack for details and quality workmanship and it shows throughout the house.

I also want to thank you again for your guidance and input about the area. Being able to talk to someone with local knowledge about available services made our adjustment much easier.” C & CS

“ As I look back on our building experience, several things come to mind. First, and I think most importantly, was that early on during the initial building you established our trust by your actions. Secondly, I feel we benefited tremendously by your sense of design. From ceiling heights to tile selections we learned that there is design value that a good builder can add. Lastly, re received excellent value for the money spent.” M &KE

“What a beautiful home and such attention to detail” are comments that are often echoed by family members and guests as they come through our front door. Greg’s work exceeded our expectations….” S & PR

“Our objective was to upgrade and beautify the house within a budget we felt comfortable with and within a time frame that was critical. You managed to exceed our objectives in all three areas. We have had nothing but compliments on the house and the work that was done.” M & TS

“Since we want our home to be exquisite and impeccable, we must work with the most qualified individuals. In Greg Fish we have found a paragon of professionalism, competence and quality.” ES